Water & Wastewater Engineering Research Group

Most of staff members have been involved in national projects in water supply and sanitation, industrial wastewater treatment, sludge and soil remediation. The group also contributes to the professional development of the practicing environmental infrastructure engineers, by conducting short courses in water and waste water engineering and environment biotechnology. Members of the group also contribute to the preparation of the national code on water supply and sanitation. This  research group program covers a wide range of topics, such as water supply engineering (development of integrated water supply engineering in selected zones such as industrial zone by recycling wastewater, home or small scale water treatment using ozone and membrane technology, and treatment of water containing mimic acid), wastewater engineering (development of biological treatment for bio-energy production waste and textile industry waste, and other specific industries, the use of wetland in domestic wastewater treatment), sewerage and drainage (the prospect of using sewerage as bio-reactor in treating domestic wastewater), and environmental biotechnology (bio-remediation of soil/sludge contaminated by hydrocarbon).

Research Agenda
Drinking Water Provision System and Liquid Waste Effluent

Research Group Members


Head Ir. Edwan Kardena, Ph.D. Edwan Kardena
Member Prof. Dr.-Ing.Ir. Prayatni Soewondo, MS. Prayatni Soewondo 195702211983032001
Member Ir. Agus Jatnika Effendi, Ph.D. Agus Jatnika
Member Dr. Ahmad Soleh Setiyawan, ST., MT. Ahmad Soleh
Member Drs. Dady Surachman, M.Si. Dady Surachman 11100017
Member Dyah Wulandari Putri, ST., MT.
Member Ir. James Nobelia Isnaniawardhana, MT. James Nobelia
Member Dr.-Ing. Marisa Handajani, ST., MT. Marisa Handajani jpg
Member Prof. Ir. Mindriany Syafila, MS., Ph.D. Mindriany Syafila
Member Dr. Muhammad Sonny Abfertiawan, ST., MT
Member Dr. Qomarudin Helmy, S.Si., MT. Qomarudin Helmy 197711152008121002
Member Rofiq Iqbal, ST., M.Eng., Ph.D. Rofiq Iqbal
Member Prof. Ir. Suprihanto Notodarmojo, Ph.D. Suprihanto Notodarmojo 195412091980031002
Member Teddy Tedjakusuma, ST., MT.
Member Ir. Yuniati, MT., M.Sc., Ph.D Yuniati 196806011994032004
Anggota  Nida Maisa Zakiyya, ST., MT.
Anggota  Syarif Hidayat, ST., MT.
Anggota  Andri Gumilar, ST, MT

Contact Address :
Water and Wastewater Engineering Research Group,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung
Phone +62-22-2504952 local: 8676