Structural Engineering Research Group

The Structural Engineering Research Group is one of the largest and strongest research group in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering-ITB. The research activities in the group cover a wide range of topics, including the development of research software, construction materials and behavior of structures. Some examples of the major research projects are:

  • Development of Design Concept for Long Bridges with Tall Piers in Regions with High Seismicity.
  • Development of Indonesian Loading and Design Code for Buildings
  • Performance Based Design of Structures

The structural engineering research group has contributed significantly to the development of the current Indonesian loading and design codes for buildings, i.e.:

  • Earthquake Design Code for Buildings (SNI-03-1726-02)
  • Design Code of Structural Concrete for Buildings (SNI-03-2847-03)
  • Design Code of Structural Steel for Buildings (SNI-03-1729-02)
  • Design Code of Structural Wood for Buildings (SNI T-02-2003)

Research Agenda

Performance Based Design

Research Group Members


Head Prof. Dr.Ir. Indra Djati Indra Djati 195306051977101001
Member Prof. Dr.Ir. Herlien Dwiarti Soemari Herlien Dwiarti Soemari19570508198203032003
Member Prof.Ir. Adang Surahman, M.Sc., Ph.D. Adang Surahman 195409071986021001
Member Dr. Eng. Aris Aryanto, S.T., M.T.
Member Dyah Kusumastuti, ST, MT, Ph.D. Dyah Kusumastuti 197103121997022002
Member Dr.-Ing. Ediansjah Zulkifli, ST., MT. Ediansjah Zulkifli 113110083
Member Prof.Dr.Ir. I Gde Widiadnyana Merati I Gde Widiadnyana Merati 130674609
Member Prof. Ir. Iswandi Imran, MA.Sc., Ph.D. Iswandi Imran 196312061996031001
Member Ivan Sandi Dharma, ST., MT.
Member Ivindra Pane, ST., M.SE, Ph.D. Ivibdra Pane 197108152008011022
Member Ir. Made Suarjana, M.Sc., Ph.D. Made Suarjana 196111231987031002
Member Muhammad Riyansyah, ST., Ph.D Muhammad Riyansyah
Member Prof. Ir. R. Bambang Boediono, ME, Ph.D. R. Bambang Budiono 195511301980031001
Member Ir. R. Muslinang Moestopo, MSEM, Ph.D. R. Muslinang Moestopo 196208181987031003
Member Dr.Ir. Sigit Darmawan Sigit Darmawan 195811251985031002
Member Ir. Sindur P Mangkoesoebroto, MSEM, Ph.D. sindur
Anggota Erwin Lim, ST., MS., Ph.D.
Anggota Patria Kusumaningrum, ST., Ph.D.

Contact Address :
Structural Engineering Research Group,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung
Phone +62-22-86010610