Environmental Management Technology Research Group

The vision of the Environmental Management Technology (EMT) Research Group is to become the world leader institution in the field of environmental management technology for developing countries. This group plays a significant role in community based sustainable development through high quality and innovative education, research, and community services and responsive to global development and local challenges in the field of environmental management technology for developing countries. It is currently supported by 14 staffs with expertise in water resources and environmental quality management and planning, environmental health and safety, community based development and appropriate technology in urban and rural areas, water and sanitation system and management, air quality management, land quality management, ecotechnology, marine and low-land quality management. Its major research programs include six main aspects, i.e. (1) Environmental Modeling and System Analysis, (2) Environmental Quality, (3) Water Management and Conservation, (4) Occupational Health and Safety, (5) Community Involvement and Development, (6) Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment.

Research Agenda
Environmental Management System and Community Health Protection against Pollution Impacts

Research Group Members


Head Dr. Ir. Dwina Roosmini, MS. Dwina Roosmini 196212211988022001
Member Anindrya Nastiti, ST., MT.
Member Ir. Arief Sudradjat, M.I.S., Ph.D. Arief Sudradjat
Member Dra. Barti Setiani Muntalif, Ph.D. Barti Setiani Muntalif 195311091981022001
Member Prof. Dr. Ir. Arwin, M.S. Arwin 195203141978021001
Member Dr. Herto Dwi Ariesyady, ST., MT. Herto Dwi Ariesyady 197304091997021002
Member Ir. Indah Rachmatiah Siti Salami, M.Sc., Ph.D. Indah Rachmatiah Siti Salami 196511281990032001
Member Dr. Ir. Katharina Oginawati, MS. Katharina Oginawati 196203101995012001
Member Mariana Marselina S., ST., MT.
Member Mayrina Firdayati, S.Si., MT.
Member Dra. Nurul Chazanah, MT. Nurul Chazanah 111000050
Member Peni Astrini Notodamorjo, S.Si., M.Si
Member Dr. Ir. Priana Sudjono, MS., Dipl.Eng. Priana Sudjono 195607311983121001
Member Suci Wulandari, ST., MPSDA
Member Suharyanto, ST., M.Sc., Ph.D Suharyanto 197504102009121004
Member  Dr. Ir. Tresna Dermawan Kunaefi  


Contact Address :
Environmental Management Technology Research Group,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung
Phone +62-22-2504952 local: 8676