Coastal Engineering Research Group

Ocean covers about three quarters, or 5,800,000 km2, of Indonesia. With 17,506 islands and 81,000 km coastline, it has great potentials and challenge. These potentials include continuities of fishery resources, sea biota, tourism, oil and gas field, ocean energy, sea services, maritime industry, brackish water cultivation. The challenges in this area relate to the position of Indonesia on the crossing of three tectonic plates that makes it vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami.

Basic areas are the focus on Coastal Engineering research are:

  1. Hydrodynamic
  2. Numerical Modeling
  3. Physical Modeling
  4. Sea Winds
  5. Sea Waves
  6. Tidal
  7. Current
  8. Long Waves
  9. Physical and Chemical Processes
  10. Estuary Hydraulics

Technology areas are the focus on Coastal Engineering research are:

  1. Ocean Energy
  2. Coastal Structures
  3. Coastal Morphology Process
  4. Estuarine Dynamic Process
  5. Coastal Management
  6. Port Engineering
  7. Sea Transportation and Logistics
  8. Naval Architects
  9. Marine Construction Management
  10. Ocean Environtment Control
  11. Marine Structures Material
  12. Reclamation
  13. Dredging
  14. Marine Geotechnics

Research Agenda
Coastal Protection

Research Group Members

Member Dr. Ir. Muslim Muin, M.SOE.
Member Ahmad Mukhlis Firdaus, S.T., M.T. Ahmad Mukhlis Firdaus 197910302010121001
Member Alamsyah Kurniawan, ST., Ph.D  
Member Dr. Ir. Andojo Wurjanto
Member Eddy Rachman Gandanegara, ST., MT.
Member Ir. Entin Agustini Karjadi, Ph.D.
Member Dr. Ir. Harman Ajiwibowo, MS. Harman Ajiwibowo
Member Dr.Eng. Hendra Achiari, ST., MT. Hendra Achiari 197205081998021003
Member  Heri Setiawan, ST., MT
Member Dr.Eng. Nita Yuanita, ST., MT. Nita Yuanita 197604101990032001
Member Dr. Ir. Syawaluddin Hutahaean, MS. Syawaluddin Hutahaean 195705051986011001

Contact Address :
Coastal Engineering Research Group,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung
Phone +62-22-2509117