Air & Waste Management Research Group


Air and Waste Management Research (AWM) Group is one of three groups from former Department of Environmental Engineering ITB, developed since the transformation of ITB. This group is developed since January 2006, combined from 2 laboratories, namely Laboratory of Solid and Hazardous Waste and Laboratory of Air Quality. The both laboratories have been the only laboratory in higher education in Indonesia which are working in solid waste and air quality management issues. Those laboratories are now the principal infrastructure that support AWM Group activities for education, research and other professional jobs, and those include.

All staff members have qualified at postgraduate level from leading universities in the United States, England, France, Austria, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, and they have been experiencing in the field of air and solid waste management and control, as lectures, researchers, or professionals as well.

There are four sub-divisions in the AWM group:

  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Solid waste technology
  • Air quality management
  • Air quality control technology

Main Program

The main programs of AWM Group are as follow :
a). In education:
– Developing curriculum, relevant with the need in Indonesia
– Improving a better educational situation through:

  • producing related modules
  • Clear guidance for home-works
  • Growing a more interactive learning-teaching in laboratories, classes, actual topics, and open grading
  • Developing of lecturing modules and home-works using information system.

b). In research: active taking part in the competitive researches, such as SIDA, GTZ, Euro-Asia Link, ICLEI, Dana Pengembangan WB, Hibah Bersaing, Institution Development, RUT, Vucher, IPTEK, SKW, and ITB funding

Up to now, this research group is actively involved in the developments of the current Indonesian needs in its development, particularly in solid waste and air quality management problem. The type of involvement range from the development of manual and codes up to the dissemination of them. This group has a significant contribution on the development and preparation in Indonesian regulation for of Solid Waste Management Act and Clean Air Act Drafts.

This group is also gaining a trust for research and partnership with related Departments and Research Institutions such as from Research Institute for Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Environment, Local Governments, or private institution such as Chevron, Freeport, Krakatau Steel, Kaltim Prima Coal, Indocement, Coal Fired Power Plant, Paper and Textile industries, and other applicative researches.

Research Agenda

There are three main theme of research agenda :
1st theme : Treatment, recycling and process technology
2nd theme : Air quality and solid waste management
3rd theme : Monitoring and modeling

Sub Theme


Related to Principal Research of ITB

Thermal process Incineration, distillation, pirolysis Alternative energy, environmental-natural resources
Disposal Land filling, leachate, biogas, stability Alternative energy, environmental-natural resources
Air Quality and Waste management Urban air quality, municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, medical waste, construction-demolition waste Environmental-natural resources
Air and Waste Valuation Life cycle analysis, economic of waste recycling Environmental-natural resources
Community involvement and development Participation, attitude and behavior, awareness Environmental-natural resources
Monitoring Air and waste pollution, stability, ozone, acid rain, air quality, wet-dry deposition, organic-inorganic pollutant Environmental-natural resources
Information technology
Modeling FGD, Urban, Receptor, Industrial, Dispersion, Pollutant transport and fate Energy
Environmental – natural resources
Global Climate Change Green-house effect (CDM), Acid Rain effect, Ozone Depletion Environmental – natural resources

Challenge for AWM Group Development

Research groups in ITB have a very important role in the future of ITB as a research university, since their functions are now shall become an “anchor” for development of ITB, particularly in :

  • The development of related human resources, knowledge, curriculum, and expertise
  • Contribution in conducting a high quality of education, in knowledge development and contribution in taking part in solving reality problem in the society

In improvement of professionalism as well as personal society commitment:

  • Give an active and continuous contribution in developing technical operation standards, as well as relevant national regulation
  • Active in conference, seminar, or workshops which try to find solutions for recent problems
  • Active in the engineering studies

Research Agenda
Solid Waste Management and Air Quality Control

Research Group Members

Head Prof. Ir. Puji Lestari, Ph.D. Puji Lestari 196005271988032001
Member Prof. Dr. Ir. Enri Damanhuri Enri Damanhuri 194907121977011001
Member Adyati Pradini Yudison, ST., MT.
Member Dr. Asep Sofyan, ST., MT. Asep Sofyan 197109301998021001
Member Dr. Benno Rahardyan, ST., MT. Benno Rahardyan
Member Dr. Emenda Sembiring, ST., MT., M.Eng.Sc. Emenda Sembiring 197407051999032002
Member Haryo Satriyo Tomo, ST., MT. Haryo Satriyo Tomo
Member Dr. I Made Wahyu Widyarsana, ST., MT.
Member Dr. Kania Dewi, ST., MT. Kania Dewi 197208281997022001
Member Dr. Moch. Chaerul, ST., MT.
Member Drs. Moch. Irsyad, M.Si. Moh.-Irsyad-195711241979031001-198x300
Member Dr. Opy Kurniasari, ST., MT. Opy Kurniasari 111000052
Member Dr. Ir. Raden Driejana, MSCE. driejana
Member Seny Damayanti.,ST., MT
Member Sukandar, S.Si., MT., Ph.D. Sukandar 197310122006041001
Member  Ulfi Muliane, ST., MT
Member Nadiyatur Rahmatikal Wasi’ah., ST., MT
Member Dr. Ir. Tri Padmi

Contact Address :
Air And Waste Management Research Group,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering ,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung
Phone +62-22-2504952 local: 8676