Water Treatment Engineering Laboratory


Water Treatment Engineering Laboratory at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering ITB is one among several laboratories within the Faculty. It was built as Environmental Hydraulic and Hydrology Laboratory in 1978, with the main objective that was to  service as a teaching laboratory. During the following year, the laboratory has been developing and broadening its competency and research.

At present, the laboratory is supported by several staffs from the Department of Environmental Engineering, one technician and some laboratory assistants (most of them are undergraduate student at their final year).

As a teaching laboratory, Water Treatment Engineering Laboratory has facilities for supporting course such as Fluid Mechanic, which was extended from Hydraulics and Hydrology. The Important equipment within the laboratory are:
– Open Channel Demonstration Equipment
– Close Conduit Head Loss Apparatus
– Minor Loses Demonstration Apparatus
– Hele Shaw Model Equipment
– Current Meter for several velocities range
– Evaporation pan and Automatic Water Level recorder
– TOC Analyzer
– Ozone Generator
– Water Quality Quick Measurement
– Sand analysis


Research tradition in Water Treatment Engineering Laboratory is relatively new, because the available instrument was formerly designed for teaching. During the decade of nineties, research activities has begun to increase. Several researches, which are mainly part of undergraduate or graduate student thesis, are as follow:

a. Surface Resources
Predicting the wash Local Sediment from the Citarum River entering Saguling Reservoir.

b.Research on solute Transport through porous medium
Study on the transport of Ammonium through some Indonesian soil: Application of Classical Convective Dispersive Transport Model (1991)
Modelling of the Transport of Chromium hexavalent through some Indonesian Soil: Application of Kinetic Convective Dispersive Transport Model (1993)
Study on the Transport of Sr85 Radio nuclide through lumps (1992)
Clogging Behavior of the Soil leached by Septic Tank Effluent (1994)
Hydraulic Aspect flow through a Polyurethane Sponge: a Model Development.

c. Water Resources
Study on the available of West Java water Resources (a joint Project with West Java Authority).
Stochastic Analysis of the Reliability of Water Resources

d. Marine
At the time being, there are several on going research projects, such as application of some methods for flood routing of Ciliwung River, optimizing model for Jatigede Reservoir operation and study on the diffusion of Sr85 Radio nuclide trough concrete slab. Many of the researches are conducted by collaboration with other laboratories or research institutions.

e. City Water Supply
Waterloss Reduction Control Project (2007-2008)
Transmission & Distributioon of Water in East Bandung (2009)

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