Structural Engineering Laboratory


Structure Engineering Laboratory has a function as the unit providing the facilities for research and development regarding to structure aspect for various construction types and in structure dynamics field.

The activities of Structure Engineering Laboratory is following below:

  1. Doing practical in supporting lecture modules, construction material,  and  mechanic and static.
  2. Providing  the facilities for research in the structure field, material, and structure dynamic.


The facilities of testing and equipment belong to Structure Engineering Laboratory, consist of:

  1.  The equipment of  aggregate test :
  • The equipment of physic and mechanic test
  • The equipment of chemist analysis test
  • The equipment of petrographic analysis test
  1.  The equipment of cement material test:
  • The equipment of physic and mechanic characteristic test
  • Alat uji analisis kimia
  1.  The equipment of static load test with high accuracy:
  • Data logger
  • Displacement transducer with various capacity
  • Data acquisition system
  1.  The equipment of dynamic load test with high accuracy:
  • Vibrometer
  • Dynamic signal analyser
  • Accelerometer
  1.  The equipment of non-destructive test to detect material and structure material condition:
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity
  • Ultrasonic pulse echo
  • Schmidth hammer
  • Crack meteor
  • Georadar
  • Covermeter
  • Half-cell potential
  • The equipment of pull-out
  • The equipment of penetration
  1.  The equipment of semi-destructive test to detect material and structure condition :
  • The equipment of breaking-out
  • Carbonation test
  • Chlorida penetration test
  • Core drill
  • The stress machine of core drill sample
  • Various equipment for the evaluation of core drill sample in laboratory

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Structure Engineering Laboratory
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering – ITB
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