Ocean Engineering Laboratory

Ocean Engineering Laboratory  is located in the same building with a Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics of Water Resources Engineering Laboratory. All OE students have access to laboratory facility and field instrument to conduct experiments and ocean measurements. Students are also exposed to ocean engineering experiment, measurement. The facilities in OE laboratory include the following:

A. Wave Flume

The OE lab operates a 40 m long, 1.2m wide, and 1.4 m deep Wave Flume facility. Waves are generated by a computer controlled, mechanically driven wave generator which can generate waves up to 0.33 m in height, with period up to 6.6 sec. The Wave Flume is made of glass channel supported by steel reinforced outer skeleton with concrete footing foundation. The glass channel allows the observer to measure and analyze the wave propagation along the flume.

The Wave Flume has been used for a wide variety of experiments, especially in physical modeling of small and medium scale breakwaters and their armor models.The Wave Flumewas used for recent projects for coastal protection system modeling such asA-Jack breakwater armor tests, pontoon type floating breakwater and perforated breakwater. The Wave Flume is also regularly used for OE course KL 3203 Laboratory Experimental Methods.

B. Wave Basin

The OE program ITB operates a 12 m long, 10 m wide, and 1.0 m deep Wave Basin facility. Waves are generated by a computer controlled, mechanically driven wave generator with and can generate waves up to 0.33 m in height, with periods up to 6.6 sec.

C. Flow Channel

The OE Lab operates an 11.5 m long, 1.5 m wide, and 0.79 m deep flow channel facility. The channel can generate current velocity up to 40 cm/s.

D. Towing Tank

OE Labs operates Towing Tank incorporated with 2D wave flume. The carriage in the towing tank can be accelerate up to 2.5 m/s along the wave flume. Dynamic control and motion control of the carriage are controlled in central panel.

E. Ocean Survey Instruments

The OE Program currently has an assortment of oceanographic instruments that is used to support undergraduate laboratory courses (KL 3201 Laboratory Experimental Methods and KL 3103 Ocean Engineering Data Acquisition and Analysis).

The instruments are operated by Ocean Engineering Laboratory as follow:

> Hydrographic Hydrobox Echo sounder

> GPS mapping TRIMBLE GeoXT 2008

> Current meter FSI 2D-ACM 2ACM-200

> Tide Gauge Valeport Tide Master

> Senix wave gauge

The instruments include one Aanderaa RCM9 current meter, one Horiba Water Quality Meter, one handheld echo sounder, and one handheld Garmin GPS

In addition, OE program has access to other related instruments through cooperation with Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. These include a rigid rubber boat (Zodiac) with 50 hp outboard, C-Max side scan sonar, Odom single and multi beam echosounder, sub-bottom profiler, Sontek 150 kHz Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), and a set of Trimble GPS and DGPS.

OE Laboratory maintains an active list of instruments needed to support educational and research programs. The list is generated in OE faculty meeting. Procurement will be conducted based on funding availibity.

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