Harjuna “Berotot” manifestated in Bridge

An international bridge design competition entitled “ Sustainable, Bridge Design” from 19-20 March 2016 was organized by School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This competition consisted of two main categories: university and polytechnic levels. According to Kevin Janiardy, Chair of the competition, 42 teams were enrolled in the university level and 26 teams participated in the Polytechnics level. The evaluation criteria were: design concept, aesthetics, and loading capacity. Participants were expected to create a wooden bridge as light as possible to sustain load as much as possible.harjuna berotot2
This competition caught the attention of Windya Wijaya and Daniel Christanto, third year student in Civil Engineering Department ITB. They participated in this competiton and named their bridge “Harjuna.” The word” Harjuna” was taken from the Sanskrit meaning white and sparkling. They won the first prize (Sin $ 600) because they managed to create a 24.72 gr wooden bridge and sustained 57.56 kg load and the most favourite team (Sin $50).

harjuna berotot3Windya and Danile prepared three bridge design alternatives. Each design was carefully sketeched and modeled using computer software. The length,width, and height of Harjuna bridge were 32.5 cm, 7 cm, and 11 cm. They used ”M” shape bracing system to strengthen the bridge. The key for their successful design was to optimize the element sizes of the bridge so that when collapse occurs, all elements reached their capacity about the same time.The runner up of the competition was CS Bridge from University of Gajah Mada, led b Raka Bagus Panuntun. Their bridge design reached 57.05 kg.

(Translated freely from Tempo ANWAR SISWADI)

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