Vision and Mission


To be a prestigious, reliable, respected, and internationally recognized education, research and development institution in civil, environmental, and ocean engineering, with dedication to the development of the nation and country.


  1. Guiding the development and change made by the society through innovative and high quality education, research and development, and community services in civil, environmental, and ocean engineering in response to global and local challenges.
  2. Offering education in undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels based on research and development to produce professional, prestigious and innovative graduates, characterized by academic, industrial, and national leadership capacity.
  3. Conducting and supporting research and development programs which are beneficial to the development of the nation and country and/or contributing to the development of science.
  4. Delivering professional and responsible expertise and scientific services which are needed by the government, industry and other institutions.
  5. Contributing to community services programs in a responsible and sustainable manner.